Frosted Pine Series

Frosted Pine Series#7The Frosted Pine Series gets its name from its exceptional shades of green with intermittent displays of brown and white.

Observe the two stones in the photo.  The one to the right is dark green with hints of lighter green and white.  The other on the left is completely alive with different shades of green, white and brown.  Garden walls (Wall stone) and Feature boulders from the Frosted Pine Series are truly spectacular.

The Frosted Pine stone claim is regularly visited by eagles, deer, cougars, black bears, and even grizzly bears. The grandiose products offered from the Frosted Pine Series will not disappoint you.

Products Offered Details
Facing Stone Natural Face, 3-5” Bed Depth, stack-able edges.
Dry Stack Retaining Wall Stone Natural Face 3-10” Bed Depth.
Feature Boulders Nice character and or Mossy
Blocky Boulders Selected for large retaining walls.