Glacier Series

FireplaceOur Glacier Granite quarry is unique and unusual in the way in which it was formed by the earth. Most granite quarries only offer split faced products, whereas every stone in the Glacier Granite quarry is completely weathered on all outside surfaces. The weathered stone of the Glacier Granite quarry provides a lot of common characteristics that can be found on the industry standard basalt: mossy, shapely, slightly tumbled, and sometimes sun dyed. Strip away the weathered attributes and the Glacier Granite is vibrant and detailed with speckles, swirls, stripes, and other natural details that basalt simply cannot offer.

Our Glacier Granite is available in Boulders, Facing Stone, & Thin Veneer. The Glacier Granite Series is beautiful version of granite similar in appearance to the giant granite monolith located in Squamish, BC named ‘The Chief’.  The natural shapes and variety of patterns and shades separate the Glacier Stone Series from other common speckled granite offered at other local stone supply stores.

The stone is mostly shades of grey, black, and off white but you will find hints of green, and brown here and there as well. The name Glacier Granite, or Glacier Stone, was inspired by the majestic ice that forced the stone to split and separate hundreds if not thousands of years ago making the Glacier Series what it is today.

Products Offered Details
Full Facing Stone Natural Face, 3-5” Bed Depth, stack-able edges.
Thin Veneer Facing Stone Natural Face 1.25″ Bed Depth.
Dry Stack Retaining Wall Stone Natural Face 8-14” Bed Depth.
Feature Boulders Nice character and or Mossy.
Blocky Boulders Selected for large retaining walls.